Food That Start With Z

What Are The Food That Starts With Z

Whether you’re a foody and love trying all sorts of dishes, or you’re just looking for foods you might want to take with you on a picnic, you’ll have a hard time finding foods that start with the letter “Z”. 

Whatever the reason may be, whether you’re looking for foods that start with “Z” because it’s your favorite alphabet (although, commonly that’s not the case), or because of sudden interest, here’s a list on some of the foods that start with Z. In this article, we’ll list some of the most exotic foods you can find that start with the letter Z.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of food that starts with Z.

#1: Zucchini

Zucchini is a vegetable grown during summer and can be good in numerous ways. This isn’t exactly a food, but rather a vegetable, but it’s used in dishes that use fish, or chicken as their main ingredient. You could even add roasted Zucchini to pasta if that’s something you prefer. Overall, Zucchini greatly enhances the flavor of dishes it’s used in and is the perfect food that starts with Z for those who like adding vegetables to their dishes.

You can buy it from the market, or even an online store in some countries, but if you prefer to grow your own, make sure it’s resistant to disease and wilting, so you don’t get food poisoning. It’s even a good substitute for mushrooms, so you could very well use it in pizzas that include mushrooms.

#2: Ziti

If you love Italian foods like pasta, spaghetti, and pizza, then you’ll surely love this food. To make it clear, Ziti is Pasta and goes well with cheese, sauce, and even roasted tomatoes if that’s something you’re into. It goes with just about any casserole dish, and it’s even a good substitute for rigatoni. It’s very similar to Penne in terms of size and is used widely in Italian cuisines.

#3: Zest

Zest is pretty much lemon rind and is widely used to bring that sweet and sour taste to lemon tarts. It’s a much better alternative to some other ways of achieving that flavor, and all you have to do is use a grater to squeeze out a few teaspoons of Zest from the lemon rind. 

Don’t squeeze (or rub) it too hard though as doing that will increase the sourness in the flavor. You can also use Zest in pies, or cakes for an “airy” flavor. Overall, it’s perfect for those seeking an extensive sweet but sour flavor.

#4: Zander

The next on the list is a fish, and it contains very few bones, so you won’t have any trouble picking its bones out, and avoiding consuming any by accident as fish bones tend to be quite sharp, and could even cut through the skin. It’s a perfect dish for those who enjoy seafood, and fish in general.

It’s a light and delicate fish that goes well with Tartar sauce, and ketchup. If you’re daring enough, you could even try it with lemon-garlic marinade. To bring out the best taste, this fish should be grilled over an open flame until it’s golden brown.

#5: Zinfandel Grapes

If your favorite fruit is grapes, then you’ll love the fifth item on our list. Like all (or most) grapes, Zinfandel grapes are also used to make wine that’s perfect for celebratory parties, or even a family dinner, if alcohol consumption is quite normal in your social schedule. Zinfandel grapes are black-colored and are typically found in Mediterranean areas.

#6: ZigZag Vine Fruit

You can tell by the name that this Australian Vine Fruit has a Zig-Zag shape, and is meant for those who love “out of the box” cuisines, or in this case, fruits. It adds a sherbet flavor (typically used in sauces), and is grown in the Australian rainforest. The fruit has a vibrant orange color and tastes good.

#7: Zuccotto

Zuccotto is an Italian dessert that you’ll surely love ice creams and cake. It incorporates both of these and is similar to a miniature pumpkin in appearance. It’s served chilled and semi-frozen to allow the ice cream to hold its form and texture. Zoccotto is the best of both worlds (cake and ice cream), so if that’s something you enjoy, you’ll undoubtedly love Zoccotto.

#8: Zima

The next item on the list is a beverage – a beer (to be exact) that was made almost a decade ago. It used to be a fancy drink back in the mid-1990s, but now, it’s more of a traditional drink for those who enjoy a “blast from the past”. It did come back in 2017 but only stayed till 2018 and its production was then halted, so finding it isn’t an easy task.

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#9: Zeppole

Zeppole is yet another Italian cuisine, a dessert to be exact, and is made with a deep-fried ball of dough topped with powdered sugar, but you can also use custard, jelly, and even honey. Either one of these goes perfectly with the crispy dough and is only found in Italian bakeries. Overall, you’ll surely enjoy it if you love sweet and savory foods.

#10: Zerde

The next item on the list is from the Middle East (Turkey, to be exact). It’s quite similar to puddings, and it’s a very common wedding dessert in Turkey. If made correctly, it’ll have a light yellow color. One thing to note is that its ingredients differ from region to region, so you can try several types of Zerde if you ever visit Turkey.  Overall, it’s the perfect dessert for those who have a sweet tooth.

#11: Zopf

Zopf is the perfect food (that starts with Z) for the bread lovers out there. It’s made in Switzerland and is quite similar to Challah bread in both taste and appearance. It’s made from yeast, butter, flour, eggs, and milk with a brown top made by brushing the dough with egg yolks. If you want to make it yourself, just search it up on YouTube or Google, and you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial to make one.


In this article, we’ve listed a total of eleven food that starts with Z with a little description. We hope you find this article useful, and if you have any further queries or would like to add something to this article, feel free to comment down below, and we’ll try to respond to as many as we can!

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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