What does swordfish taste like

What Does Swordfish Taste Like

The title alone, “swordfish,” sounds strange enough for a fish. But, it is a fish structured like a sword on the front. We can agree it is one of the many odd creations that live in the sea. It is quite aggressive and intimidating for…

Bonito Flakes

What are Bonito Flakes and Dried Bonito Flakes?

Bonito is a kind of tuna and Katsuobushi is dried,  fermented, smoky fish fillets. They are quite popular in Japanese cuisine and used for adding flavors to many dishes. Check out what are Bonito Flakes and Dried Bonito Flakes with some interesting facts and details….

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The Benefits of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Restaurants are very much visible anywhere. People are willing to spend money on good restaurants as long as they are satisfied with their dining experience. People also love to explore and try different dishes in every city they visit. Truly, restaurant owners have their reasonable…