What to know about Panera vegetable soup?

Panera bread is pretty famous among us but there are a few less famous items of Panera. The vegetable soup by Panera is pretty well known and officially called the Ten Vegetable Soup featuring tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, carrots, poblano peppers, garlic, chickpeas, dried Aleppo chili, and sprouted brown rice. 

This soup is generally served with a lemon wheel garnish. If you want to cut on calories, this soup is a great choice for you. It is only 100 calories in an entire bowl of Panera vegetable soup. If you add a side at a diet-friendly it is only 180 calories per meal. 

This soup is considered and described as a healthy meal and the fans have pointed out the health benefits of this soup. They often mention their fondness for the dish. Another very important fact about this soup is that it is a vegan soup. This is the first-ever vegan item launched by Panera. The chain of other vegetarian soups includes milk which becomes a limited offering for vegans. The Panera vegetable soup was launched in 2019 and got great praise on social media. 

1. How does the Panera vegetable soup taste?

Panera vegetable soup is a vegan dish and yet made in a non-vega kitchen. They try to make it cross-contamination depending on the situation. This soup contains allergens like red fife which indicates that it has wheat in it. The soup broth is made with soy. If you generally consume high-sugar, high-salt, and processed food, this might turn out to be a little bland on the first go. 

There are a few more objections regarding the soup and its components. Traditional soups consider a maximum of 2-3 vegetables as the main ingredients whereas in this soup multiple vegetables hamper the balance of the flavor. 

According to one reviewer “ What happened with this soup is what happens when you blend too many paint colors — the final product just kind of ends up being, well, nothing. Dark brown. The flavors get jumbled, and our taste buds get confused”

Although it is a healthy soup, it does not match the tastebud of everyone. 

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