The Undercut Hair as a Trendy Solution to Hair Loss

The Undercut Hair as a Trendy Solution to Hair Loss

The Undercut Hair as a Trendy Solution to Hair Loss

The iconic undercut hair is a hairstyle that grew favorably in the fashion world. Aside from being a fashion statement, an undercut hairstyle is an efficient solution for men who experience hair loss in their hairlines.

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept short at the sides, while at the top, it can be worn as long as you want. The side of the head is shortly buzzed or shaved while the hair on the center is parted and combed backward, upwards, or to any side. The sides are disconnected from the rest of the hair. Thus, it creates a sharp contrast in length.

Why is Undercut Popular?

This hairstyle was widely adopted among World War I soldiers and has seen a few peaks in popularity since. Other women are trying out this provocative and cool hairstyle, as well.

Despite all the trends in the fashion industry, this hairstyle is the most favored by men. From a practical point of view, this hairstyle allows you to hide patchy balding areas on the sides of the head. It can also cover a receding hairline with a long tuft of hair on top.

With this hairstyle, you can combine short-shaved hair on the sides and the back of the head using either long hair or with shorter top hair. The undercut is a versatile hairstyle, and that’s why a lot of men decide to go for it.

Another major point of this hairstyle is it gives a masculine and edgy look to its wearer. A lot of women find this hairstyle particularly attractive. Furthermore, those with an undercut only need to bother themselves with styling the hair on the top. It is a perfect option for people who want to wear longer hair but are disturbed by the heat during summer.

The Revival of the Undercut Hair

Nowadays, this haircut is socially acceptable and worn equally in all professions and social classes. You can wear it in different ways, too. Some men tie their hair into a braid, while others style it backward with gel or let it fall loosely over the shaved sides.

If you have generally-thin hair, this haircut might be unsuitable for you. If you were blessed with thick hair, it is easier for you to hide a receding hairline with this hairstyle.

However, if your hair on top is balding, you should instead consider filling up your thinning hair. You can check out Surehair International for all your options.

Along with that, an undercut doesn’t work on all face shapes. This hairstyle is ideal with rounded or square-shaped faces. If you have an oval or diamond-shaped face, you should avoid wearing this hairstyle, as it will visually elongate your face and sharpen your facial features even more.

If you have enough hair, you can enjoy an undercut hairstyle and look fashionable in it. While it can hide a receding hairline in some way, hair transplantation is still the best option to treat hair loss.

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