Should You Go with Hampers as Gifts?

Gift hampers include an assortment of drinks and food. These are perfect gifts for any kind of celebratory occasion.

Finding the right gift has become extremely difficult. A good gift needs to have emotional value as well as practicality. Generic gifts do not add any sort of value.

However, there is one gift that still ticks all the boxes a proper gift should. Gift hampers or gift baskets are great for any occasion for multiple reasons. If you are still not sold on gift hampers, we are here to give you eight good reasons why you should give hampers as gifts. 

1. It Always Comes with a Surprise

Gift hampers are always a delight to open. You never know what combination of products you are going to get before opening one. The wow factor is really what makes hampers so special, and anyone would certainly love an assortment of amazing drinks, meals, or treats.

The options for making a great hamper are also endless. 

2. They Can Satisfy Almost Everyone

Gift hampers cater to the needs of males, females, adults, children, and the elderly — everyone. 

You may have picky members in your family or people who are hard to buy gifts for. Or you may have to buy for someone you do not know that well, like an office colleague or a neighbor.

Whatever the case, an assortment of delicious food or drinks, a bartender kit, or a lovely gourmet hamper can be a perfect choice. You won’t ever have to struggle to buy the right gift for the right person. or a lovely gourmet hamper can be a perfect choice. You won’t ever have to struggle to buy the right gift for the right person.

3. Fit for Any Occasion

You can always have hampers as your backup gift since it matches any requirement and any occasion. You can gift hampers for Christmases, birthdays, Valentine’s, housewarming parties, weddings, or even office events.

4. Allows You to Personalize

One of the best parts of hampers is the ability to personalize. You can handpick your recipient’s favorite items and make a unique hamper. You can pick their favorite food and color to make a personalized hamper. 

If someone likes red, you can add raspberry, red hot sauce, red wine, and velvet cakes and wrap your gift basket with red wrappers and ribbons. You can also attach a personalized message with the hamper. 

This shows that you have put effort and poured your heart when deciding on what things to include. If your friend likes a good New York beer and you can include that in the hamper, it will make his/her day.

5. Helps You Avoid Malls

Gifting seasons can be hectic. The long lines at the mall can be extremely time-consuming, especially during Christmas and other national holidays.

You can avoid all that by simply ordering a lovely gift hamper online. You won’t have to worry about getting a parking spot near a mall ever again. There are plenty of amazing companies that create and deliver unique gift hampers. During Christmas and some other celebratory holidays, some companies even offer free delivery.

6. Prices for Everyone

The types of gift hampers are endless. You can choose anything from gourmet foods, wine, champagne, fruit, chocolate, coffee, and even tea-based gift hampers.

With so many options, you are bound to find something within your budget. You can choose whether you want to spend $50 or go overboard with a $500+ premium hamper.

7. Offers an Assortment of Unique Gifts

Gift hampers are not just about finding items and creating a bundle. Quality hampers will have items you won’t find in an average supermarket. They come with an assortment of products you won’t come by every day.

People love unique things. When you are ordering or creating a hamper, you can include one or two items your recipient is sure to love and the rest of the items could be unique and things they have not tried before. The suspense of trying new things will certainly be exciting.

If they have a taste for the finer things in life, add one of their favorite wines or champagnes and fill the rest of the package with antipasto delights, cookies, and Christopher elbow chocolates.

8. Hampers are Perfect for Sharing

It’s hard finding the right gifts for couples. Either you have to give them separate gifts or find the perfect gift both of them will love. If you do not want that kind of stress in your life, a simple food hamper can satisfy them both. They can just share the lovely gourmet food you sent, and you can sit back and relax knowing you got them something they both loved.

How to Make a Hamper?

There are plenty of online shops that have the best gift hampers. But if you want, you can go for a DIY hamper as well. Creating a hamper is pretty straightforward, but there are still some things you need to consider.

1. Pick a Theme

Gift hampers should be theme-based and your theme should match the occasion. It makes the gift that much more appealing. A Christmas hamper should be different from the one you use for a baby shower. However, some occasions don’t have a particular theme. That’s when things get tricky.

In those cases, you have to identify who your hamper is for, and what they like and dislike, considering their hobbies and interests.

2. Decide Your Budget

Now, you have to plan your budget. As we mentioned earlier, you can get hampers for $50, but if you want something boujee, you can even spend $1,000 on it.

Your budget will help you decide which items you want to include in the hamper. You can add items you made yourself to save more money.

3. Choose Content for the Hamper

You can add anything that the recipient values in your basket. The contents usually will relate to the theme. For instance, if the occasion is for babies or a newborn, you need to plan a baby-themed hamper. 

In that hamper, most gifts will be baby-related. You can go the extra mile and choose things like festive hot chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, festive tea sets, and coffee packs. Get them something they would appreciate but would not usually buy for themselves. 

4. Choose between a Box or a Basket

The package itself has a big impact. The base you prefer to use can make your gift hamper more special. There are many ways to make your base unique. You can either buy special baskets and boxes or even make one yourself.

First, consider your recipient’s preferences. Find out whether they prefer rustic things or modern gifts. Check if they like eco-friendly products or something they can reuse later. Their personality also plays a big role.

Learn if they are interested in pop culture or fiction. All these things will help you narrow down your choices.

Now comes the hard part. Should you get a basket or box?

Again, it boils down to the recipient’s preference.

Wicker Baskets

If you are going with baskets, choose wicker baskets since these have been used as hampers for generations. Wicker baskets bring in a traditional warmth along with an emotional impact. Wicker baskets are also durable and sturdy. 

Wicker baskets come in two types. Natural wicker baskets are made of bamboo, seagrass, rattan, or willow. Synthetic wicker baskets are made of resin and synthetic fibers. Both of them are great options.

Wooden Boxes

You can use unique keepsake boxes as the base of your hamper as well. You can even engrave the wooden box with text and designs. Keepsake boxes are even more durable, and they have more practical usage. Your recipient can later store memorable items there as well.

5. Use Fillers

Fillers are also referred to as beddings and are crumbled up to keep the material inside the hamper safe. It also lifts the entire hamper and makes it more presentable. You can use anything from gift wraps, cellophane, packing papers, newspaper, or even styrofoam as fillers. 

When assembling the hamper, scrunch up your fillers, place them in the gift basket or box, and cover them up with wrapping paper or a tea towel. 

6. Wrap It All Up

Once you have all the items at your disposal, you have to play around a bit to get the best results. Place the largest items at the back of your basket or box and place the smaller items around them. 

If your items consist of wine and food, place the bottle of wine in a convenient spot first, then place any large packets of food, and finally place the smaller ones. Use sticky tape to keep the items in position and add more filler if you need it. Finally, fill the empty spaces with chocolates or other small relevant items.

To wrap everything, place a large piece of cellophane and put the basket on top of it. Draw up the cell phone and secure it with a ribbon and some sticky tape.

Final Thoughts

Gift hampers are without a doubt the go-to option for gifts. It relieves you of all the struggles of finding the right gift and allows you to add your personal touch.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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