Nostalgic grandma’s homemade vegetable soup;

Nostalgic grandma’s homemade vegetable soup;

We all have a very vivid memory of how our grandma used to cook that yummy vegetable soup during the winters and monsoons. The emotion and the delicacy used to be combined so well that it is never possible to forget the taste.

However, we can try to recreate the homemade vegetable soup recipe just the way our grandmothers used to make it. It is a preservative-free and gluten-free soup, hence healthy. 

1. How to make grandma’s homemade vegetable soup?

If you feel the chill in the air, it is not surprising that you may crave a good hearty bowl of warm soup. People who are on a gluten-free diet can also try out this recipe. It is always a better idea to make your bowl of soup rather than getting them from outside.

1.1. Chicken broth for grandma’s homemade vegetable soup;

You will need some chicken or any meat broth to make the soup. You can also go for vegetable broth but this is my personal favorite. Boil some chicken with over 2 quarts of water with pepper, salt and bay leave. Slow-cook them overnight. 

Separate the bay leaves and chicken from the stock. You can also strain them to get better results. You can keep the chicken and shred them if you want but since I am talking about a vegetable soup recipe, I wouldn’t add the chicken but you may. 

1.2. Add veggies to grandma’s homemade vegetable soup;

Now bring the stock to a low boil and add some fresh vegetables of your preference. I use carrots, potatoes, green beans, rutabagas, corn, mushroom, broccoli, celery, diced tomatoes, and cabbage. You can use veggies of your choice or whatever you have on hand. Now place a lid on the stockpot and simmer the soup until they become tinder and you can easily pick it on with a fork. This is the time when you can add the shredded chicken or may skip that part.

1.3. The steamy bowl of grandma’s homemade vegetable soup is ready;

If you have gone through the entire above-mentioned procedure, your soup is ready. Before you get nostalgic about how your grandma used to make the best vegetable soup, just serve it for yourself, dig in and then think. 

This homemade vegetable soup is not just healthy but also filling. Once you eat a bowl of this soup it is almost equal to a meal. Also, if you have added chicken or any protein to the soup, it gets heavier. Nothing beats the taste of a bowl of hot vegetable soup on chilly nights. 

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