Is Paul Rudd Vegan
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Is Paul Rudd Vegan?

On 17th October, Paul Rudd, the actor from Ant-Man, This is 40, and Living With Yourself was featured on the renowned YouTube talk show known as Hot Ones. However, apart from the usual, there was one thing that kept the audience pondering – is Paul Rudd vegan?

i – Source: Film Daily

What Are Hot Ones?

Hosted by Sean Evans, Hot Ones is a YouTube web series that revolves around interviews of celebrities with intensely spicy chicken wings. It was created by Christopher Schonberger, and produced by First We Feast and Complex Media.

Hot Ones’ format is creative; there are ten rounds of chicken wings (or an alternative for vegans), each fierier than the previous, and the guests have to consume those wings all the while answering Evans’ questions. However, as the wings become hotter, the focus drifts from the interview to the grind to consume them.

Each invitee is provided with ten wings each round, which they have to consume entirely. If the contestant clears all ten rounds, they are allowed to promote their upcoming project at the end of the show, however, those who fail are still given the opportunity, except now, it’s in the show’s Hall of Shame.

Is Paul Rudd Vegan?

When Paul Rudd was invited to the show, he requested a vegan course, which is made from cauliflower, instead of the normal chicken wings – this prompted speculations amongst the audience as Paul Rudd did not clarify whether he is vegan or not.

Paul Rudd is certainly not the first person to request a vegan alternative on the show – Ariana Grande, Peter Dinklage, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Joaquin Phoenix, Paul McCartney, and many others are vegans who appeared on the show.

On the show, he managed to sweat the heat out but didn’t reach for the milk or water. At home, the audience was going wild with gossip and rumors of Paul Rudd either being vegan or a meat eater.

However, Paul Rudd did clear the mix-up by stating that he is a meat-eater, but wants to consume a more plant-based diet. He also said that he hasn’t rid himself of meat entirely, but wants to reduce the intake – in a nutshell, he’s a “plant-leaning”. It all makes sense why he would request for a vegan alternative, since abandoning something as addictive as meat is a tedious chore.

Plant-based intake has been a norm in Paul Rudd’s diet, according to Life Kindly. Even when filming Ant-Man in 2015, Paul Rudd would drink protein shakes made with bananas, almond butter, and almond milk.

ii – Source: First We Feast | YouTube

Did He Win?

Fortunately for Paul Rudd, he went all ten rounds and managed to perform the “historic dab” on the show, where you dab a wing into a mixture of all the sauces.

You can watch the entire episode of Hot Ones here!

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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