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Imo’s Pizza: St. Louis Best Addictive Pizza

Thinking of Pizza not only activates the stimulation of delight and joy but also results in an increased appetite. It gets harder to wait for the amazing food that is about to arrive. With the quick delivery services of the world-famous Imo’s Pizza – St. Louis Best Addictive Pizza, such issues do not occur and one gets a chance to enjoy a delicious food experience in no time.

Imo's Pizza- The Best Addictive Pizza
Why so yummy?

Starting this journey of taste and amusement, it is necessary to see what brought this amazing food item to the world.

Imo's Pizza- The Best Addictive Pizza
It’s all about Imo’s Pizza!


Ed and Margie Imo were the pioneers of inventing this superb idea of delivering Pizza to people at home so that they do not have to roam about in the streets searching for it. They were a lovely couple residing in the St. Louis working day and night to live a happy and opportune life. While purchasing the meat-topped Italian Pizza at midnights on Fridays for years, they came up with the idea of opening their own Pizza parlor with a specialty in offering home delivery services to bring comfort to the Pizza lovers. It did not take much time and their amazing services made wonders with the launch of many branches of St. Louis Imo’s Pizza firstly around the country and then in all parts of the world.

Today, it is known worldwide for its perfect taste, excellent quality, and fastest delivery making it an addiction and delightful experience for almost everyone across the globe.

What Makes Imo’s Pizza so Special?

The extra crispy Imo’s Pizza has acquired a taste that distincts it from all the pizzas around the world. Is there any secret ingredient used in making this mouth-watering refreshment? Let’s find out what makes it so special?

Imo's Pizza
Perfect for everyone

Well, it all begins with cheese – The Povel cheese!

Povel cheese

It was reported that the owners of St. Louis Pizza were searching for mozzarella cheese (cheese strings) for adding to Pizza. That is when the Povel cheese was introduced. They discovered that this buttery thing that is so gooey and creamy was by far the best to be put on pizza slices. Provel is a well-processed mixture of cheddar, different kinds of swiss cheeses, and provolone. It became associated with Imo’s Pizza since then and now is worldly recognized as its signature part.

Imo's Pizza - The Best Addictive Pizza
Povel cheese

The Povel cheese is a St. Louis thing being famous for its distinctive taste. Without it, the Imo’s Pizza is incomplete. Now, Imo has become an iconic element of St. Louis cuisine and it has emerged into a variety of flavors and textures offering lots of options to the Pizza lovers.

Facts & Figures

Going into a detailed analysis of it, some people have not liked it much. The reason might be due to its different and unique taste as compared to other pizzas. In that context, I have personally met few people who do not like pizza of any kind so it’s all a matter of personal choice. Some say it’s way too different from the typical pizzas and come up with ‘just fine’ kind of remarks. But on the whole, it is undeniably a very innovative styled pizza depicting the thin, crispy crust which goes in the mouth as medium-sized chunks filled with cheese. There are people who do not like cheese much and on hearing about lots of Provel cheese stuffed inside it, they do not want to give it a try.

Sharing my Thoughts

Talking about food, I believe we should not assume the taste of a particular item by just listening to what people have to say. While everyone has their own choices, it is a must to try things on your own and see what experience they bring to you. Over the years, I have learned one thing quite well and that is to be adaptive toward new things and new tastes. It is always fun to try different things at least once in a while. You might find way too good food items than the kind of opinions others have put in your mind regarding certain things in particular. Try new food items, choose your kind of taste, and keep enjoying it as much as you enjoy any other thing admired by many. See USA Today.

The reason for some issues being reported like little cheese with sausage having hard kernels might be due to the unavailability of the original Imo’s Pizza that is served in St. Louis. Some of the branches opened in different areas have failed to maintain the purity and actual standard like the very first Imo’s Pizza. They should come up with better offerings that can satisfy the customer’s needs. Despite all of that, it is still loved by many and ratings have been 4.5 stars as collected from a few sources recently.

Best Menu of Imo’s Pizza

The menus of Imo’s Pizza vary a bit from place to place. Obviously, due to different locations, kind of chefs making the pizza, trends of a particular region and many other such things.


Talking about the size of this delicious food item, it comes in four options:

Small – 10″ | Medium – 12″ | Large – 14″ & Extra Large – 16″


The Imo’s Pizza has a wide range of toppings as well that not only improve the texture and taste but also the presentation. These varieties include pepperoni, hamburger, mushrooms, green pepper, olives, onion, tomato, pineapple, and the list goes on.

Kinds & Flavors

Not only this, it has been modified into a number of kinds that bring out the best of flavors. It fulfills the requirements of different types of tastes. If you are a vegetarian who loves ‘extra vegetables‘, then trying out the Veggie Pizza is a perfect option for you. It has mushrooms, olives, tomatoes along with the famous Provel cheese to make your day.


For those who like eggs or more aptly are ‘egg holics’ then trying the Egg-ceptional Imo’s Pizza is a must. And not just this, for barbecue lovers like me with chicken pieces in it. Go for the Barbecue Chicken Pizza that has the yummiest chicken sauce to offer. Ain’t it way too appetizing? Talking about pizza is giving me extreme hunger pangs right now and I can’t wait much to order one. I feel like eating all of it at once. Here’s the picture showing why?

Imo's Pizza
Give me more…!!!

This is not just enough, it has more to offer as well. The All-Meat Pizza and the Deluxe Pizza having sausages made with garlic and pepper are equally delicious. Why go anywhere else when it is available in the purest form at its very native area, the St. Louis located in the U.S state of Missouri. If you ever get a chance of visiting it, don’t leave without trying the original Imo’s Pizza out there.

Be aware, if it’s Not Square

The Imo’s Pizza is served in square pieces instead of slices. They have a slogan for it which says ‘The Square Beyond Compare‘. Be aware of the similar kind of restaurants offering pizzas with the same name claiming it to be Imo’s. There is a marked difference between the taste and quality of the original one when compared with its copy. Such practices have been reported to harm the reputation of the Company.  It is by far Imo’s Pizza – The best addictive Pizza!

Hence, it is the best option to go for a Pizza like the Imo’s to experience the real taste with Provel cheese and peppery sausages. Try it and share what you feel about it!




Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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