How to neutralize salt in food
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10 Hacks of How to Neutralize Salt in Food

The quantity of salt is very crucial for any dish. It helps enhance the taste and flavor of the dish. You have to be careful while adding salt to a dish because spillage and wrong measurements can completely ruin its taste of it. But if this happens, would you be wasting the entire food?!  Not at all, there are some easy hacks about how to make something less salty.

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How to Neutralize Salt in Food

Neutralize salt in food

Hack 1: Lemon (Easily available to quickly neutralize salt in the food)

Lemon is a very useful ingredient to neutralize salty food. If you put some lemon juice in the dish it will help mask the dish and give it a tangy flavor. Although the usage of lemon solely depends on the recipe, if you think it’s not suitable for the dish you’re making, you make check the other hacks.

Hack 2: Potato (Quite an ancient trick to neutralize salt in the food)

This is a very common yet useful hack; how to neutralize salt in food. Potato has the quality of absorbing salt very quickly. So, when there’s excessive salt in your dish, just add some slices of raw potato and cook them over a low flame for 20-25 minutes. After that, remove the potatoes from your dish and carry on with your cooking. There is one important factor to remember that, other than absorbing salt, potato also absorbs water, so you may have to adjust the consistency of the dish.

Hack 3: Water (A most common trick to neutralize salt in food)

As we all know, water is life and at times can save your life from making big blunders like adding too much salt to food, as well. It’s the simplest and easiest to neutralize salt in food with water. Just add some hot water to your dish and wait till it starts boiling. This will help balance the excess salt and save the dish from a mishap.

Hack 4: Milk (Another very common ingredient to neutralize salt in the food)

If you’re not making a classic dish, milk can be a great savior to neutralize salt in food. Both usual milk and coconut milk are helpful in this case. It adds a creamy flavor and texture to the dish and removes the excess salt from it.

Hack 5: Yogurt (Helps neutralize salt in food and is a taste enhancer)

After milk yogurt or cream could be a good alternative to neutralize salt in food. Yogurt doesn’t make a lot of difference to the dish but enhances the actual flavor and saves it from getting too salty.

Hack 6: Sugar (Use carefully to perfectly neutralize salt in the food)

Sugar is helpful only for small blunders. This hack isn’t very useful when you’re cooking a large amount of food. If you’ve mistakenly sprinkled a little bit of extra salt, add some sugar to it to balance the taste.

Hack 7: Flour and Dough (Help neutralize salt in food just like potatoes)

You can use flour to neutralize salt in food in two ways. Either you make a liquid mixture of water and flour and add it to the dish, or make small dough balls and add them to the gravy. The dough balls work exactly like the potatoes. They absorb the excess salt very fast and help balance the taste of the dish. But the only difference is it doesn’t absorb any liquid. When you’re using the mixture of water and flour, be careful about the consistency of the gravy as it may get thicker.

Hack 8: Vinegar (Easily neutralize salt in food of large amounts)

We have mentioned how the usage of sugar to neutralize salt in food, is for small blunders. In case of bigger blunders, a tablespoon of sugar and vinegar mixture is an ultimate savior. It gives a perfect balance to the dish and evens out the salty flavor.

Hack 9: Starchy Food

Starchy foods are of great help when there is excess salt in food. Starchy food includes quinoa, rice, pasta, etc, having salt absorbing quality. All you need to do is, boil them without salt and add them to the dish with a drizzle of water. Cook it for a good 10 minutes and your food is saved from getting too salty.

Hack 10: Extra

Last but not the least, there is another feasible way to balance salty food. That is, make some extra of the same dish by adding more ingredients to the very dish. You may add some more vegetables and gravy to balance things out.

Things To Remember About Neutralizing Salty Food

There is no point in regretting just adding some extra salt to your dish. It just needs some masking to get rid of that excess salt. The above-mentioned hacks are super easy and the ingredients are quite handy and easy to find in any household. Always keep in mind that the camouflaging measures should not oppress the original taste of the dish. You may go to the Food Network to find out more ideas about neutralizing salt in food.

However, when you choose a hack to neutralize salty food, just check which is the best suitable option for the dish. Otherwise, it may hamper the original flavor and taste of it.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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