How To Eat Well On Vacation

How To Eat Well On Vacation

Sampling local cuisine and having a glass of wine with dinner are key parts of enjoying vacations for many people. It can be fun to deviate from typical health routines and throw your usual practices out the window. This can lead to not quite feeling your best as the trip progresses and take away from the experience. Consider these tips to stay comfortable, eat well, and be flexible on vacation.

Eat Before the Airport

Eat normal balanced meals or snacks at home before your flight. Airport food can be highly processed and greasy. A solid nutritional foundation that helps your body chemistry to be balanced before entering the busy airport can make you less susceptible to impulse candy buys. If you need to look for food at the airport during a layover, pick a simple food and keep portions moderate for future in-flight comfort.

Pick a Culinary Landscape

Research the local restaurants and common foods before you go. This can help you to discern whether your intended spot is a safe place for specific allergies or appealing to a person with vegan dietary preferences. You may decide that many of the best cruise destinations can meet your parameters on and off the boat. Eating on a large cruise ship can provide you with various safe and tasty daily options.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Wherever you go, bring snacks. Pack individual portion snacks that you know agree with your taste buds and digestion. Having a stash of familiar food can be your savior during travel delays or odd hours when local establishments aren’t open. You can ensure that there is always a healthy bite of food to tide you over.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water throughout your journey and at your destination. Staying hydrated can help prevent headaches and bloating. It’s easy to forget to sip while lounging by a beach or pool but having water regularly while exposed to the hot sun is necessary. Make sure to hydrate and have food before consuming alcohol.

Mind Salt and Sugar

Extra salt and sugar levels are normal on vacation. You can permit yourself to loosen up and have those treats. Observe how you feel and modulate your salt and sugar consumption if you feel at all off. It may help you to think about one daily meal as your time to indulge and then maintain a nutritional balance the rest of the time.

Plan Breakfast Ahead

Know where you are eating in the morning before you go to sleep at night. Eating a complete breakfast before an active day is more supportive than a cup of coffee. Find a ship or hotel with a continental breakfast buffet or frequent a local café. You may want to have yogurt and granola in your room.

Don’t Miss Meals

Fast-paced and spontaneous vacations are thrilling, and mealtimes may get lost in the shuffle. Missing meals can catch up with you and make you feel sluggish or irritable. Bring a snack in your day bag and make a list of local eateries on your phone. It may be beneficial to decide on the next day’s meals and restaurants the night before for a group. Large parties should make reservations well ahead of time.

Pack Small Seasonings

You will hopefully enjoy every morsel on your travels. It is often tempting to try new menu items and embrace a sense of culinary adventure. Bringing small packets of your favorite seasonings or sauces can turn a less-than-perfect surprise into a nice experience. 

Enjoy Locally Produced Menus

Local produce, wine, eggs, cheese, and delicacies can fill meals that you can’t repeat back home. Find local farm-to-table eateries for fresh lunches and minimally processed foods. An ideally ripe piece of fruit from a nearby orchard can taste delightfully different from your grocery store variety.

You can explore an adventurous palate and stay healthy on the road. Make mindful choices and listen to your body.   


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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