How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Dog

How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Dog

When you own a dog, you have to hear that chocolate is poisonous for your dog. Indeed, if they reach the appropriate amount, they can be deadly. The owner should know how much chocolate the dog will kill for his beloved pet’s well-being.

How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Dog

How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Dog?

Poisoning of Dog Chocolate

The cause of dog poisoning is very common. Since chocolate is dear to humans in every house and is easy to find, it is mortal for dogs. Chocolate that has beneficial human health benefits will kill dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine (methylxanthines), which is fatal for dogs.

  • The toxicity requires chocolate powder used in chocolates. Increased quality chocolates produce more cacao. Therefore, the toxicity of cocoa varies from chocolate. Low-price chocolates contain less cocoa powder and low-quality chocolates.
  • Between milk and dark chocolate, dark chocolate is more dangerous, as Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than other chocolate types and is more deadly than cacao.
  • The human body can consume caffeine by producing theobromines, and consuming half of the input takes approximately 6-10 hours. But dogs cannot absorb it like humans and have a lot of effects on the nervous system and kidneys. Chocolate intoxication can lead to convulsions, shocks, vomiting, etc.
  • The poisoning of food is another significant cause. Dogs are hunger scarves, and once the food is gone, they don’t want to stop feeding. This leaves them more exposed to the poisoning of chocolates. If you find a lovely chocolate box, you will probably not stop until it’s done.

How much chocolate is dog-free to eat?

The type of chocolate depends on it. Check here for particular forms of chocolate and lethal quantities for dogs:

  • White Chocolate: A dog’s body weight is 200 ounces per pound; more powdered cocoa is found in white chocolate. 
  • Chocolate milk: It’s unhealthy rather to white chocolate. Just an ounce per pound of your dog’s body weight will take you to kill it. One pound of milk chocolate seems harmful to when your dog’s weight is 20-pound. For a 10-pound dog, the half-pound is acceptable. We discovered that the average chocolate bar in the industry contains 2/3 ounces of milk chocolate. Consequently, if your dog weighs 10 pounds, 2-3 treats would be enough to poison them.
  • Sweet Cacao: Cocoa powder is harmful itself more than anything previously mentioned. It can be fatal, only around 0.3 ounces per pound. For a dog of 20 pounds, 1/3 pounds, and a dog of 10 pounds, 1/6 pounds may be poisonous.
  • Chocolate baking: 1 ounce of fetal body weight per pound. A dog of 20 pounds is suitable for two ounces and a 10 pound for one ounce.

You should always bear in mind as a dog owner how much chocolate your lovely dog can poison.

Need to do if your dog is eating chocolate?

Now it will be a priority to eliminate the toxic agent as soon as possible. You may do this by vomiting or charcoal activation.

How does a dog when chocolate is eaten

Every 15 minutes before vomiting occurs, hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) can be used in 1 to 2 teaspoons in the mouth of a dog only once. 

You can give the light boiling water to your dog after vomiting—a teaspoon for dogs below 25 kg and two teaspoons for dogs above 25 kg. You can try activated charcoal of the Toxiban brand, which in this emergency form is highly reputed on the market. Activated charcoal is good as it discontinues the bloodstream. 

The above medication should not be taken until 4-6 hours after the chocolates have been eaten for good results. The symptoms can persist for up to 36 hours, and as soon as possible, you should see a veterinarian.

No chocolate poisoning cure exists. Try vomiting, therefore, as soon as you see poisoning signs.

Strategies to use for keeping the dog away from chocolate?

  • Never feed or reward the dog first of all with chocolates. Even if there’s no risk to your dog, it isn’t advisable to give a small amount of milk chocolate.
  • Ensure that you store not your dog’s chocolate products. It would help if you also warned your family to keep chocolate out of your dog’s reach.
  • Prepare the dog for something to abandon. For this sort of case, the “Leave it” command may be helpful.
  • Also, find your dog a suitable cage to stop eating something unhealthy while you’re gone.

Finally, the fact is that your dog has no healthy quantity of chocolate. So it would be smart not to partake your dog with your cookies. Even a little chocolate will make your dog curious if you’re not home.

Do not be late to try the above-mentioned first aid remedies if you notice signs of chocolate poisoning. Check your chocolate boxes always, and be mindful of the amount of chocolate your dog will kill.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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