7 Vegan Options at Olive Garden in 2022

As people become more health conscious and environmentally aware, the popularity of veganism is on the rise. As a response, Olive Garden has expanded its menu to include more vegan options for customers who seek a plant-based meal. In this essay, we will explore seven vegan options that are now available at Olive Garden in 2022. From classic Italian dishes like spaghetti with marinara sauce to the healthier and lighter option of Zoodles Primavera made with zucchini noodles, there is something for every vegan to savor at Olive Garden.

As of 2022, Olive Garden has been vastly expanding its vegan options to cater to the growing population of vegans and plant-based eaters. This chain restaurant is known for its classic Italian dishes, but they have added a few vegan options that will leave anyone’s taste buds satisfied. Here are seven vegan options at Olive Garden in 2022.

1. Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce at vegan olive garden

The classic pasta dish that everyone loves can now be enjoyed by vegans at Olive Garden. The Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce is the perfect option for those who want a simple but delicious meal. This dish consists of spaghetti noodles tossed in a rich tomato sauce made with fresh ingredients. The pasta is topped with the traditional Parmesan cheese, but vegans can request to remove it or add vegan cheese instead.

2. Minestrone Soup at vegan olive garden

Another classic Italian dish that is now vegan-friendly is the Minestrone Soup. This soup is made with a blend of vegetables, beans, and pasta in a savory broth. Olive Garden’s Minestrone Soup is made without any animal-based ingredients, making it the perfect comfort food for vegans who want a warm and filling meal.

3. House Salad (Without Dressing and Cheese) at vegan Olive garden

The House Salad is a simple and refreshing dish that can be enjoyed as a side or as a meal on its own. This salad is made with crisp lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and red onions. However, it is typically served with croutons, dressing, and Parmesan cheese. Vegans can request to omit the croutons, dressing, and cheese or ask for vegan-friendly substitutes.

4. Garlic Mashed Potatoes at vegan olive garden

Garlic Mashed Potatoes are the perfect side dish to complement any main course. Olive Garden’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes are made with potatoes, roasted garlic, and other seasonings. These potatoes are vegan-friendly, creamy, and flavorful.

5. Zoodles Primavera at vegan olive garden

Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a great alternative to traditional pasta for those who want a low-carb and healthier option. Olive Garden’s Zoodles Primavera is a vegan dish made with zucchini noodles, a blend of sautéed vegetables, and a garlic cream sauce. This dish is perfect for those who want a vegetable-based meal that is still filling and delicious.

6. Eggplant Parmigiana (Without Cheese) at vegan olive garden

Eggplant Parmigiana is a classic Italian dish that is now vegan-friendly at Olive Garden. This dish is made with breaded and fried eggplant slices topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese. Vegans can request to remove the cheese or add vegan cheese instead. This dish is perfect for those who want a hearty and flavorful meal that reminds them of traditional Italian cuisine.

7. Bruschetta Caprese (Without Cheese) at vegan olive garden

Bruschetta Caprese is an appetizer that is perfect for vegans who want a light and refreshing dish. This appetizer is made with toasted bread topped with diced tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese. However, vegans can request to remove the cheese or add vegan cheese instead.

Olive Garden has been making an effort in expanding its vegan options for its customers. The seven options listed above are just a few of the delicious and satisfying vegan dishes that are now available at Olive Garden. These dishes are perfect for vegans, plant-based eaters, or anyone who wants to try something new and flavorful.


Olive Garden has taken note of the growing demand for vegan options and has responded with a range of delicious choices for plant-based eaters. From pasta dishes to hearty soups, they have a diverse range of vegan-friendly meals that cater to all tastes. A vegan option at Olive Garden can be as simple as spaghetti with marinara sauce or as delectable as Eggplant Parmigiana, which is perfect for those who yearn for something more traditional. Even salads and appetizers have been adapted to suit vegan needs. Olive Garden has shown that veganism and Italian cuisine can coexist and even complement each other well. It is now easier than ever for vegans to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden, and they should take advantage of these seven fantastic vegan options that are now available in 2022.

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